The Best Free UK Drill Drum Kit for 2021

The Best Free UK Drill Drum Kit for 2021

Are you fed up of using the same recycled UK Drill drums you find in every Producer's Drum Kit? 🥁

Let's be real, do yo honestly think that all the kits available for download are unique and authentic? I think it's sick that more and more Producers are taking an entrepreneurial approach to music and selling more than just beats 💰, but the problem lies with stealing sounds. How many Trap kits have you come across in the past which contain the Spinz and Zay 808? 

Now there's nothing wrong with using the sounds, they're recycled for a reason and the industries' top Producers use them all the time but there's nothing worse than paying for a Drum Kit and realising you already own half the sounds.🥴

That's one of the reasons I got into sound design, I wanted to create something people have never heard before so my beats could stand out amongst the million others online 🔥.

Good sound selection is vital when it comes to music production so I decided to make something special for everyone - The Prick Kit Volume 3.

The kit contains over 250 premium hard-hitting samples, 808 & Hi-Hat MIDI files, and 2 full FLP's so you can learn all my mixing secrets!

40 of the sounds are available for FREE DOWNLOAD and I've had nothing but amazing feedback from Producers across the globe. Many have said it's the best free UK Drill Drum Kit they've used in 2021 so make sure you grab your copy and level up your beats.

Prick Kit Volume 3



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