How To Pick The Best Drum Samples For UK Drill Beats

How To Pick The Best Drum Samples For UK Drill Beats

When it comes to creating UK Drill beats, the drums are arguably the most important element. They provide the backbone for the entire track and set the tone for the entire production. Choosing the right drum samples is crucial for creating a polished and professional sound. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some tips for selecting the best drum samples for your UK Drill beats.

  1. Consider the tempo of the beat: UK Drill beats typically have a tempo range of 140-160 BPM. If you're using any sort of MIDI or loop to start the groove, make sure that the ones you choose are compatible with this tempo range. This will ensure that the drums will sound tight and punchy when they are played back at the correct tempo. Over-stretching samples can create many unpleasant sounds.

  2. Look for high-quality samples: The quality of the samples you use will have a big impact on the overall sound of your beat. Look for samples that have been pre-mixed by professionals, such as 'The Greeze UK Drill Kit' inside this drum collection. High-quality samples will have a cleaner sound and will be less likely to contain unwanted noise or distortion. If they're properly pre-mixed, it'll save you a ton of time meaning you can get straight to cooking up.

  3. Think about the style of the beat: UK Drill beats have a unique style and sound, characterized by heavy kick drums, crisp snares, and tight hi-hats (known as counter snares in the UK). Make sure that the samples you choose match this style and will complement the overall sound of the beat. Listen to authentic Drill tracks that you like and try to find similar sounds to start off with, eventually your ear will be trained enough to know what sounds relate to the genre.

  4. Experiment with different samples: Don't be afraid to experiment with different samples and try out different combinations. This will allow you to find the perfect combination of drums that will give your beat the sound you're looking for.

  5. Consider the use of foley samples: Foley samples are sound effects recorded in the field, they can add a unique character and a sense of realism to your drums. For UK Drill I like to filter out the low and high end of percussion loops or foley samples to add extra texture or atmosphere to my beats.

In conclusion, choosing the right drum samples for your UK Drill beats is crucial for creating a polished and professional sound. By considering the tempo of the beat, looking for high-quality samples, thinking about the style of the beat, experimenting with different samples and adding foley samples, you'll be well on your way to creating a beat that stands out from the crowd. 

If you're looking for a high-quality UK Drill drum kit I'd personally recommend the Greeze Drill Kit which is inside my 4 kit drum bundle. It contains the same sounds I use in all my recent beats which have lead me to placements with artists such as Casawi, Diana Drill, and more.

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