$2500 beat battle

This is the biggest beat-battle I've hosted, there's more than $2,500 worth of prizes (including $500 in cash) and it's really simple to enter.


1st Place:

  • $500 Cash
  • $500 Team Hits Voucher & 1 of 1 Melody Sample
  • Addictive Keys Collection
  • Guaranteed Placement with Drill Rapper P Loco
  • Shaperbox Bundle
  • Baby Audio bundle
  • Cymatics Pluto
  • Ocean Elements
  • All Jay Cactus Packs
  • Jay Cactus Hat & Hoodie 
  • Dixon Beats Drill Kit

2nd Place: 

  • Shaperbox Bundle
  • Baby Audio Bundle
  • Studio Grand from Addictive Keys
  • All Jay Cactus Packs
  • Dixon Beats Drill Kit
  • Jay Cactus Hat

3rd Place:

  • Shaperbox Bundle
  • All Jay Cactus Packs


Purchase The Prick Kit Volume 3 Drum Kit and you'll receive my brand-new Battle Cry Loop Kit which contains 12 royalty free Drill loops. You need to cook up a beat using one of the loops and send it to beatsforjaycactus@gmail.com by April 21st 12:00am. The winners will be announced on April 22nd. 

Good luck and may the best Producer win!

Prick Kit Volume 3Battle Cry Drill Loops

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