How To Remove Vocals From Any Song

How To Remove Vocals From Any Song

Have you ever come across a song and fell in love with the vocals or instrumental but had no way of separating them? I finally discovered a way to do it! 👀

For years the only way to remove an instrumental from a song was by flipping the phase - a process where you'd require the Instrumental as well as the full track, and you'd flip the phase (polarity) of the full version leaving only the vocals.

I won't bore you with the geeky details 🤓, just know that in 2021 there's a game changing process for it!

It's not often I make sponsored content and promote products or services, I'll only ever do it if I'd personally use or purchase it. However when reached out to me for a collaboration and showed me their groundbreaking music separation service I had to get involved. 

What they allow you to do is upload any audio file and their wild alien-like algorithm somehow separates the vocals from the music and gives you two new files (the instrumental and the vocals). It's crazy! 🔥

As a Producer I'm always looking for accapellas to chop up and what I'd usally do is search through the depth of YouTube for the particular song I wanted to use in the hope of stumbling across the accapella version. Now all I need to do is it upload the full version to Lalal and get it myself.

I show you exactly how to do it in this video and I make a full beat starting with the vocals I extracted using Lalal. It's a madness!




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