Making an African Inspired UK Drill Beat

Making an African Inspired UK Drill Beat

Have you ever head an African UK Drill beat?

Africa has always been the country with most organic and unique sounding percussion and instruments. A mixture of them with UK Drill would be a sure thing to look out for.

Experimenting, finding your own sound, and staying consistent. These three things are the secrets to be a successful producer in today's time. And getting influence from various countries creates a very good opportunity for me to experiment, plus it's always fun to try out different ideas.

Many people assume that UK based Drill is nothing but hard drums and dark sounds, well this video and many more from my influenced beat series will surely prove them wrong.

When you are making beats with such beautiful sounds and instruments, the toughest thing is knowing when to stop and not overdo it, especially when you have this huge wide variety of unexplored sounds.

If you want to learn how to perfectly blend authentic sounds from two different countries click the video below and enjoy watching the process!

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