How To Make A Drill Beat with Stock Plugins in FL Studio

How To Make A Drill Beat with Stock Plugins in FL Studio

Do you want to learn how to make a UK or NY Drill beat using stock plugins in FL Studio 20?

Many people will find excuses not to make music and I've heard them all: "I don't have speakers", "I don't have the right VST's", "My dog ate my laptop" just to name a few.

I'll admit, having high quality VST's definitely helps the overall quality of my beats however they're not absolutely necessary. You should be making beats because you enjoy the process and there's a still a lot you can do with stock sounds.

Not everybody has the luxury of spending money on plugins, and if you're one of those people what I'd recommend doing is making the most out of what you have at this exact moment. When the time is right and you're able to invest in yourself using money you've made from beat sales, kit sales, or whatever else your hustle is you'll appreciate the upgrades so much more.

To prove you can still make high quality beats with stock plugins I put this video together - I make a full Drill beat using nothing but native FL Studio instruments and effects.


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