How To Mix Your Beats Easily In 2021

How To Mix Your Beats Easily In 2021

Do you want to know how to mix your beats without overcomplicating things?

These basic steps will make your beats ready for placements, YouTube and any other streaming platform.

I get so many DM's on a daily basis with questions such as "How do I mix my beats?", "How do I make my kicks hit hard?", "What Db should I master my beats to?" and "How do I get a clean mix?".

People like to overcomplicate things, mixing really isn't as tricky as you think and you can get a professional sound by following some basic principles such as good sound selection, levelling, panning and EQ.

I decided to cover everything in this video to show you my step-by-step process. This is The Ultimate UK Drill Mixing Tutorial although the same techniques apply to any type of beat!




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