How To Get More Views On Type Beats

How To Get More Views On Type Beats

How to Get More Views on Type Beats

Do you upload ‘Type Beats’ to YouTube? Do you want the formula on how to get over 100K subscribers and earn $20,000 per month selling beats? I’m going to share how successful Producers such as Ant Chamberlain and TNTXD make their fortunes online.

I know the broken feeling of spending hours working on a beat thinking it’s the one that’ll blow up and get hundreds of thousands of views, only to get a measly 50 and become lost within the million other videos on the platform. 

I get it, your beats are your babies and it’s frustrating to see other Producers on YouTube with 100K + subscribers and millions of views on their beats. So how do they do it?

I’ve spent hours researching the topic, studying other Producers, listening to interviews, and trying to understand the YouTube algorithm. I even got the chance to speak with some successful Producers personally to understand their strategies.

YouTube Algorithm

The truth is nobody understands the YouTube algorithm fully because Google hasn’t released every little detail to the public. However, they have said that certain user behaviours guide the algorithm’s decisions.

These behaviours include what people watch, how much time they spend watching your video, how quickly a video’s popularity increases, how new a video is, how often a channel uploads a new video, how much time people spend on the platform, likes, dislikes, shares, and overall engagement.

The overall idea is that people need to enjoy your video/beat. They need to watch the video for as long as possible, like it, comment, subscribe to your channel and share. In essence, YouTube needs to know that the viewer enjoyed their experience and if so, they will recommend your video to other viewers. Easy isn’t it?

But your beats are amazing, right? Why would people not listen to them all the way through, why wouldn’t they like the video, comment and subscribe to your channel? Well, let’s dive deeper. 

The Formula 

We can start by taking a look at some successful Producers who have a huge following on YouTube and consistently get a high number of views on their beats, new subscribers and even beat sales.

TNTXD YouTube Channel

Ant Chamberlain YouTube Channel

Soulker YouTube Channel

I picked these examples because they’re all Producers who inspire me and they all have one thing in common – CONSISTENCY! Consistency is the number one thing that’ll bring you success on YouTube with 'Type Beats'.

Take another look at the examples then take a look at your own channel, you’ll probably notice some differences other than the number of views and subscribers. They all have their own theme/brand and style of beats they upload. Their thumbnails are consistent, their titles are consistent, the times they upload are consistent, and the 'Type' of beats are consistent. 

The other thing they have in common is how long they’ve been grinding and uploading beats. Have a look at their uploads and filter them by ‘oldest first’ - you’ll see they’ve all been working hard for a minimum of 3 years, so don’t feel upset if you’ve been active for a few months and the numbers aren’t where you want them to be.

Ant Chamberlain’s Formula

I got the chance to speak to Ant Chamberlain during a ProducerGrind podcast. He’s an insanely talented Producer who makes $20K + per month selling beats online! I wanted to know if I was wasting my time Producing so many different genres and uploading so many different ‘Type Beats' to YouTube. He said, “For YouTube purposes stick with one lane” meaning pick an artist whose style of beats you like making and only upload those to your channel.

Ant Chamberlain found his success with 'Rod Wave Type Beats'. When Rod Wave was coming up, Ant only uploaded videos including “Rod Wave Type Beat” in the title and stuck to his schedule of 1 beat per day. It took him a few years to gain success beforehand but when he switched up his tactics to the ones I’ve just mentioned his subscribers came flooding in.

Ant didn’t just pick Rod Wave randomly though, he knew it would be a good keyword for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Without going into too much detail, SEO on YouTube basically refers to the titles and tags you use in your videos to help your video appear when people search for them.

SEO Tools

Several tools can help you with this such as VIDIQ and TubeBuddy. Both have similar features however Ant personally uses VIDIQ. I use both.

Let me show you how VIDIQ works:


In this example, I’ve used "Rod Wave Type Beat" as my target keyword. What you want to pay attention to is the ‘Search Score’ and ‘Competition Score’. The search score is how many people are searching for this keyword per month. 4,658,239 is insane! So surely if you use this keyword your video will appear, right? Wrong.

What you also need to pay attention to is the ‘Competition Score’. The higher the number the more competition you have. When Ant started uploading Rod Wave type beats the competition score was probably quite low, but now that he’s blown up everybody is making his type beats so the competition score is high. 

The trick is to find an artist who has a high search volume but low competition. This way a lot of people will be searching for your keyword and there won’t be a million other Producers using the same ones. The overall score is based on these factors so this clearly needs to be high.

Once you have your target keyword, you want to make sure you use this keyword in the title of your video, the first line in your description and the first tag, along with similar variations. This is all proven to help rank your videos higher when people search for that keyword.

Both VIDIQ and TubeBuddy are Google Chrome extensions and have free options available as well as paid plans for more advanced features. I’d definitely recommend spending the money if you’re serious about your craft. VIDIQ starts at $10 per month and TubeBuddy starts at $9. Try the free versions and see which platform you prefer.

TNTXD’s Formula

I also spoke with TNTXD, another talented Producer with 140K+ subscribers on YouTube and major placements with artists such as Rod Wave, JayDaYoungen and NBA YoungBoy. TNT actually found his success making 'NBA YoungBoy Type Beats', so it’s crazy to think he actually ended up producing for him. His schedule is every other day at 7 pm as he wants to give his subscribers a chance to enjoy his beats before he uploads the next one.

I heard TNT on an interview talking about Producer channels which fell off due to not staying consistent with their upload schedules. This had me worried about my own channel because I didn’t always upload beats there, I started the channel back in 2014 when I uploaded music videos and then didn’t upload anything for 4 years until I released my first 'Type Beat'.

I mentioned this to TNT and asked if he thought I should start a new YouTube channel to help the algorithm and he said: “Definitely I would start fresh bro”. Google hasn’t officially said they penalise old YouTube channels, I can’t even see how doing so would benefit them but I don’t want to take any chances. So, I’ve taken his advise and started a new channel exclusively for beats, and I’ll be uploading every other day at 7 pm.


I've heard mixed opinions on thumbnails. Some people swear by having a well-branded impressive thumbnail and others say they don't matter as long as the beats are fire. I'd say whatever you decide to do, whether it's impressive art or simple images of the artist just stay consistent with it so your channel looks cohesive. I've seen successful channels use both, so there's no reason why it can't work for others.

My last point I want to make is that your beats need to fire. It’s all good knowing how to optimise your keywords for search results but the truth is if your beats aren’t as good as other Producers’, people won’t listen to them and they’ll move onto the next one. Be real with yourself, compare your beats to ones with thousands of views and if yours don’t hit like they do you need to work on your craft first!


If you’re uploading 'Type Beats' to YouTube and wondering why they aren’t getting many views, you need to do the following 4 things: 

1 – Be consistent. Pick an artist whose 'Type Beats' you want to produce. Use VIDIQ or TubeBuddy to help you find a keyword that has a high search volume and low competition score. Make sure your thumbnails look similar as well as your titles and descriptions.

2 – Pick a schedule that works for you and you know you can stick to, whether it’s one beat per week or one beat per day. DO NOT FALL OFF THIS SCHEDULE.

3 – Master your craft! Make sure your beats are competing with the thousands of other talented Producers and if they aren’t on a similar level, practice practice practice.

4 – Be patient. This can take years and there’s still no guarantee that it’ll work but try a certain keyword for 6 months and see if there's a noticeable difference in your average video views. If there isn’t try another artist, but if there is then keep rolling with that artist!

I'm currently testing this technique out for myself. I've changed my thumbnails, the artist whose 'Type Beats' I'm creating and I'm also uploading every other day at 7 pm. If you want to see if these gems work in real-time then subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Do you have any of your own techniques you use to get views on YouTube? 

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