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TIDAL Drill FX Kit

Discover The Secrets to Unique Drill Bounce.

Over 130 Unique FX: Dive into a diverse array of Rises, Transitions, and Impacts. Designed to breathe life into your tracks and set your beats apart.

Tackle Drill's Repetitiveness: In a genre known for repetitive FX, stand out with unique additions that make listeners take notice.

Atmospheric Mastery: Infuse energy, atmosphere, and a distinct personality into every production, ensuring your track has your signature sound.

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Coven - Riser

Transformer - FX

Ghost - Impact

Midnight - Tonal Riser

Nightmare - Impact

7E - Reverse Tonal

Gates - Woosh

Shackles - FX

Kit Breakdown

  • 20 x Impacts 

  • 28 x MISC FX 

  • 20 x Reverse Cymbals

  • 20 x Reverse Tonal 

  • 30 x Risers 

  • 16 x Transitions

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Compatible With All DAWS