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The Prick Kit (Volume 2)

The Prick Kit (Volume 2)


This is the meatiest of all Drum Kits and my second official pack! Almost 250 premium hard-hitting samples, MIDI files, Loops and Bonuses which makes it more than twice the size of Volume 1!

Preview The Sounds:


I’ve been studying Drill sounds for over a year and have noticed so many recycled samples being passed around, so I wanted to create something fully unique. I designed and mixed all of the sounds in the pack so you no longer have to worry about your beats sounding like the million others online!

These are all sounds which I use in my own beats, and if you watch my YouTube tutorials I use them in pretty much every video because they bang!

The Prick Kit (Volume 2) contains:

21 x 808
21 x Claps
10 x Crashes
42 x FX:

  • 5 x Impacts
  • 18 x MISC FX
  • 12 x Risers
  • 7 x Transitions

9 x Grime Bass
21 x Hi-Hats
20 x Open Hats
21 x Kicks
23 x Percs
21 x Snares
12 x VOX

5 x Melody Loops with Stems
5 x Melody MIDI
5 x 808 MIDI
17 x Hi-Hat MIDI