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The Action Pack Loop Kit

Teaming up with the gifted Producer and Musician, Alystr Nash, we've crafted a musical masterpiece – The Action Pack. This collection is set to be a game-changer in your library.

Authentic Instruments: From haunting strings to emotive pianos, every loop carries a cinematic depth, echoing the essence of blockbuster soundtracks.

Versatility Unleashed: While tailored for Drill and Trap beats, the possibilities are endless. These loops have the cinematic heft to grace both music charts and the silver screen.

Ready for the Big Screen: Crafted with filmic precision, these sounds are primed for TV and movie placements. Create beats that tell stories.


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Start Something


Try Me





Cry Baby

Kit Breakdown

  • 20 Loops (MP3, WAV, & Stems Included)

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