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Scorpios 808 MIDI Kit
🔥 Master the Drill Production Signature: 808 Slides!

Struggle-Free Slides: Say goodbye to the frustrations with positioning, timing, and note selection. This kit has it all figured out, letting you focus on crafting beats that resonate.

Instant Trustworthy Patterns: Select from unique bass samples, drag your chosen MIDI into your session, and bam! You’re rolling with an instant 808 pattern that's guaranteed to hit right.

Learn & Create: Utilize this kit to decipher how the pros leverage slide notes in drill or to construct a melody around your bassline seamlessly. For FL Studio maestros, ‘FL Scoring’ files ensure an even more precise and tailor-made experience.


Kit Breakdown

  • 20 x 808 MIDIS

  • Scoring Files Included

  • Bonus: 10 808 Sounds

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The Divine Series

Gain access to an arsenal of Drill samples inspired by Headie One, Central Cee, Pop Smoke, and Fivio Foreign. 


Compatible With All DAWS