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Orcrian One Shot Kit

Craft Impactful Beats Without the Plugin Overload.

Orcrian One-Shot Kit: Over 100+ one shots, tailor-made to kickstart your melodies or add layers of depth and intrigue. Perfect for when you're seeking that elusive spark of inspiration.

Bridging Gaps: Designed for those who might not have the most powerful laptops but still demand the highest quality in sound.

Innovative Sound Design: Use unorthodox techniques such as sliding notes and chords within your DAW to bring out unique sounds and textures.

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Flute - Warped

Pluck - Taped

String - Mello

Accent - 20

Kit Breakdown

  • 34 x Accents

  • 5 x Bass One Shots

  • 5 x Bell One Shots

  • 5 x Flute One Shots

  • 5 x Guitar One Shots

  • 7 x Synth String One Shots

  • 8 x Textures

  • 6 x Key One Shots

  • 5 x Lead One Shots

  • 8 x Pad One Shots

  • 5 x Pluck One Shots

  • 5 x Real String One Shots

  • 6 x Vox

  • 5 x World One Shots

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Compatible With All DAWS