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Nautical Mixing Kit

Unveiling My Secrets: Dive into My Personal Mixing Blueprints

Nautical Mixing Kit: Get 71 of my personal mixing presets, the same ones that have crafted some of my favorite tracks.

Vocal Magic: Includes my go-to mixing chains for rap vocals. Achieve a polished vocal mix in seconds.

Designed for FL Studio: Note - this kit contains presets specifically tailored for FL Studio and might include 3rd party plugins.

Kit Breakdown

  • 18 x 808 Mixing Presets

  • 10 x Claps

  • 4 x Kick Mixing Presets

  • 14 x Melody Mixing Presets

  • 3 x Snare Mixing Presets

  • 4 x Rap Vocal Mixing Presets

  • 10 x Counter Snare Mixing Presets

  • 3 x Master Chain Presets

  • 7 x Percs & FX Mixing Presets

  • 3 x Sub Bass Mixing Presets

  • 3 x Vox Mixing Presets

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