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Drill Shots One Shot Kit (FULL)

🔥 Elevate Your Beats Without Breaking the Bank!

Plugin-Free Powerhouse: Whether you’re on a budget or your computer is at its limit, this kit is your ticket to professional-level productions, offering a wealth of rich and dynamic sounds, eliminating the need for expensive plugins.

100 Studio-Ready Sounds: Immerse your beats in the sonic brilliance of versatile instruments, from eerie pianos to resonant strings, all designed to craft those impactful Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, and UK Drill Type Beats, proven by use in my own and thousands of other producers’ beats.

Diverse & Drill-Focused: With the Drill Shots One-Shot kit, dive into a realm of creativity with a diverse array of instruments including pianos, strings, pads, VOX, and more, giving your beats a distinctive edge and transformative flair!


Preview This Kit!

Wolf Howl - One Shot

Nash Guitar - One Shot

Brass 2 - One Shot

Soft n Smooth Pluck - One Shot

Phrase 1 - One Shot

Fear Pad - One Shot

Drill Piano 5 Keys - One Shot

Mad Tings String - One Shot

Kit Breakdown

  • 20 x Piano One Shots

  • 20 x String One Shots

  • 5 x Guitar One Shots

  • 5 x Brass One Shots

  • 20 x Pad One Shots

  • 20 x VOX One Shots

  • 5 x Bell One Shots

  • 5 x Flute One Shots

Compatible With All DAWS