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About Me

Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Huddersfield, UK. I'm a Hip Hop Producer now living in Manchester, UK.

Growing up I always found music as a way to express myself and get things off my chest. I started as a rapper, writing when I was 13 and recorded some terrible songs with the most basic equipment possible. I didn't care back then, I just wanted to do what I loved doing with my friends. I loved the feeling of people enjoying my music and knowing I created it, knowing that people could connect with my passion, anger, excitement or whatever emotion I threw out there.

I followed a typical life of School, College and University and got a 'normal' job like I was always taught to do by my teachers and parents. I stayed at this job for 5 years and not a day went by where I didn't dream about becoming successful in my music career. Every time I listened to music I had images in my head of me being that person, performing on stage or producing the track and I kicked myself all the time for not following my heart - I just did what people expected me to do.

It was cool having money but that didn't fill the right gaps and I knew something needed to change. Towards the end of my office career I had some personal experiences that made me realise truly is short. I decided to save up some money and go all the way in! Now I've dedicated everything to music because to me, life isn't about going to a job you're half arsed about and being told what to do, when to take a break and how you should present yourself. I haven't got anything against the grind though, it just wasn't for me.

To me, success is based on happiness and that's being able to do what you love in life, whatever it might be. Some people are happy in their jobs and that's cool, but I've never been able to settle with something I'm not passionate about.

Right now I'm working my ass off to become the best I can be at my craft and build an empire from scratch through my personal brand - Jay Cactus. If you're wondering where the name comes from, Jay is from my middle name and Cactus is the avenue I was from in Toronto (Cactus Avenue).