The 200k Beat Battle

In celebration of hitting 200k subscribers, I've teamed up with ADAM Audio and Novation to bring you this crazy beat battle!

Win over $2,000 worth of prizes!

BIG Shout out to our sponsors who helped me put these crazy prizes together ❤️

The winners will take home everything listed below.

1st Place

  • ADAM Audio T8V Studio Monitors ($600)

  • 1 Year subscription to the Cactus Creators Club ($336)

  • The Divine Series ($362)

2nd Place

  • ADAM Audio SP-5 Headphones ($500)

  • The Divine Series ($362)

3rd Place

  • Novation FLKey 49 ($230)

  • The Divine Series ($362)

Get ready!

We've reached the incredible milestone of 200,000 subscribers on the channel, so I thought it was the perfect time to give back to the community with something special. 🙏🏼

That's why I've teamed up with my good friends over at ADAM Audio and Novation to bring you this beat battle with over $2,000 worth of prizes!

I'm looking forward to hear what you guys will be cooking up! 

Thank you all for your continued support.

🌵 Jay 

How this will go down

The competition starts on August 24th at 6 PM GMT+2, and will end on September 3rd at 6 PM GMT+2.

I will personally listen to all your submissions and pick my Top 10 favourite tracks. Then, on September 10th, I will go LIVE on YouTube to announce the finalists. 

The winner will be picked with the help of community voting during the livestream. 


  • You must use sounds from the 200k sample pack

  • Your entry must be at least 60 seconds long

  • Only 1 entry per person: Once submitted, you can not update your entry

  • You can only submit using the submit button on this page

Not following the rules may get you disqualified. Don't mess up!

How to enter

There's a 2-step process to submit your entry. Both steps need to be completed to enter. 

01. Upload the finished beat or instrumental to your Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube account. Please ensure that your account privacy is set to public. 

02. Fill in the form below to finally enter the competition. Important: Your participation is only officially valid once you have completed and submitted this form.

Submissions Closed