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Defiant Drum Fill Kit

🔥 Transform Your Beats with Dynamic Fills!

Unleash Dynamic Transitions: Crafted by Jay Cactus, these drum fills bring rhythmic evolution and dynamic shifts in the UK & NY Drill scenes.

30 Drill Fills: Infuse your productions with an extra layer of excitement and uniqueness, designed to fit flawlessly within modern drill compositions, including the ones featured in JayCactusTV tutorials.

Drag, Drop, & Ignite: Elevate your beats instantly by incorporating these fills effortlessly, aligning them with the BPM specified, and watch your creations come to life with added spice and flair


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Drum Fill 20

Drum Fill 7

Drum Fill 2

Drum Fill 1

Kit Breakdown

  • 30 x Drum Fills

Compatible With All DAWS